new take on tortillas

i am currently away – a mini summer vacation! i’ve been craving a holiday, lately. there has been so much going on. so whil i’m off, i take it as a good opportunity to go mobile- and blog-free while i’m gone… but i’ve already prepared some posts for you. so here’s the first with a good question for you: what to cook when gourmet girl friends are visiting? 
i wanted to present a variety of tiny, unagitated, simple things. first, i didn’t know how to combine them. eventually, i thought why not just put them all in a corn tortilla? here’s the result: corn tortilla, with roasted cumin aubergines, white bean roasted garlic hummus (coming soon), raw heirloom tomato relish, quinoa herb salad (with cilantro, mint and parsley), fresh fried corn and garlic yoghurt. wrap it up nice, enjoy (in that case no worries if your eating habits don’t look that elegant, with tortillas you’ve got a relevant excuse). uhm, i’m currently hungry just looking at it… enough of those pictures now. i’m on a vacation! yay! happy first of august (i.e. national day) party to all swiss! see you soon. xo
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