brown rice with cilantro mint pesto

it’s only monday – but i’m already exhausted… last week in belgium was inspiring and fun – but i just didn’t get around to doing all the chores (ugh, the word alone…) at home (like cleaning, ironing, bills or even simply grocery shopping). plus the lovely weather last weekend didn’t really help, either: i struggled to fight the constant desire to be outside, in the city, at the lake side that was brimming with people. and on saturday i played a round of golf – at 35 degrees, no wind. i carried my golf bag (and new clubs, that are much heavier than my old ones) around. i was officially melting! the boys told me they hadn’t seen a girl who carries their own bag around in forever (at lost, as they said, not a girl ‘my age’, well thank you very much). note to self: must organize a cart, asap! 
cooked this brown rice with green beans, peas and a refreshing pesto recently and loved it! those brown rice salads are summer staple in my kitchen.

brown rice with cilantro & mint pesto


1 cup brown rice, cooked according to directions
1 tbsp organic butter
2 cups french beans, blanched
1 cup peas. blanched
1 cup mint leaves, minced
1 cup cilantro leaves, minced
2 cup basil leaves, minced (half of it left whole for decorating)
1 handful arugula leaves, for decorating
1/4 cup olive oil
20 g or 3 tbsp. pistachio nuts (not salted), toasted and crushed in a mortar
2 garlic cloves
1 lime, juice
fleur de sel
freshly ground black pepper


i’d recommend to cook the brown rice in advance and store it in the fridge over night, as it usually takes around 45 minutes until tender (and i usually don’t have the patience to wait that long for dinner…). stir in some butter and put aside to cool. blanch the beans and the peas in salted water. drain and chill in ice water. pat dry and put aside. 
to make the pesto: combine the mint, cilantro and half of the basil leaves, plus some arugula (not too much, as you won’t wanna make it to bitter), the olive oil, pistachios, garlic, lime juice, salt and black pepper in a food processor and blend. Pulse until mixture is smooth.
Now mix the pesto with the rice, place the beans and peas on top, drizzle some more pesto on everything and garnish with the remaining herbs, arugula leaves and some leftover pistachios.
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