insalata di carciofi crudi

what an eventful monday! just got to my hotel (the banks) in antwerp, belgium. had to take two flights to get here and am wearing a huge smile on my face for no particular reason. it’s good to get out everything for a few days. i’m here to meet my colleague at ‘these days’, a digital savvy agency. can’t wait for the week’s event to unwind (…hopefully they will continue in the same manner the monday started).

insalata di carciofi crudi (raw artichoke salad)

no big recipe for this italian salad here. just make sure you get really firm and nice medium or small sized artichokes, prepare them (take off the outer leaves, remove the inner hay, place in lemon water) and then cut them into really thin slices (we’re talking 1mm max, here). add a simple dressing made of best olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, freshly ground black pepper, some chopped mint (it brings out the natural taste of the artichokes) and add a little parmiggiano reggiano on top. serve immediately (no make-ahead, as the artichokes will turn brown… not nice).

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