brezn (soft pretzels)

bread in every version has been labeled ‘evil’ in so many diets… i think it’s a crime. bread, if enjoyed in decent amounts, is the most satisfying food there is. i dream of bread in every imaginable shape. though i (honestly) particularly like the ones that are soft and chewy, best (i know… i’m such a child).
that’s why i wanted to make my own soft pretzels, because, for starts, they’re soft (surprise!). and in addition i could make them even softer (by not baking them as long etc.). they turned out to be a big success. sure, some of the pretzels turned out looking rather… not pretzel-like at all. more like snails. or ugly piles of dough (not naming the exact connotation you might have had with them…). but: don’t be deceived! this is fun to make, easy (apart from the shaping, it requires patience) and oh my, so good. eat them fresh out of the oven, with some good butter smeared on top. and maybe a potatoe salad, because that’s how the bavarians would enjoy it. or an obatzda cheese mix. or simply a salted radi. preferrably in a dirndl. but okay, i agree that that’s a whole other story…

recipe for: brezn (soft pretzels) found here on smittenkitchen.
makes about 12 mini ones

this is is for today. i can’t muster the energy to write more. i hope you like the pictures though. i almost leaning into my screen and taking a bite, i’d so love that brezn right now… (not sulking at all).
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