pink & roasted radishes

sometimes, a girl just craves pink… especially to cheer herself up. currently, i’m doing bikram yoga (i mean, if summer isn’t here then at least sweat a little at 40 degrees celsius while stretching, bending and strengthening your muscles… because the next bikini session is going to come, dead or alive…). and, though i can’t tell you why… it’s a fact that the torture is insanely so but immensely more motivating to bear in pink yoga gear. 
i’m speaking from head to toe pink, here: pink sports top (more of a tiny bra triangle-thingy, if you ask me. doesn’t really deserve the predicate ‘top’, in my opinion), pink shorts, pink mat, pink towel. girly, i know. also: completely a clichée. but it helps! pink is my inner driving force. pink kicks me in the (not-so-tiny) butt when i want to give up and run off. it says ‘you don’t need to drink water right now because you’re totally cool like that’, when the (slightly bossy) instructor is yelling at me (annoyingly cheerfully, but also it counts as a threat) to not drink before and after the camel (or the zebra? i don’t remember…) pose since it apparently isn’t doing you any good (as if i could honestly ever feel the difference, i’m so exhausted anyway…). so i’m not questioning the water-drinking rules, no i don’t. i just continue to bend and stretch, and try not to turn purple… in other words: pink gets me going.
and also, i’ve been tempted to try pink radishes – in a roasted version – forever. okay well it might not be the best of things i’ve ever eaten… but it’s grilled, it’s salty, it’s surprising and a nice snack – and hey, it’s pink! so what’s not to like, really.

roasted radishes
2 bunches of radishes, washed and cleaned, but not trimmed
3 tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. maldon sea salt (or any other flakey sea salt)
handful fresh thyme + a few whole sprigs
preheat the oven, with the grill-function turned on. wash and clean the radishes, leaving the green leaves on. place a parchment paper on a baking sheet and spread the radishes evenly on it. sprinkle with olive oil, sea salt and thyme. roast for about 35 minutes, or until the roots appear slightly shrunk and got a wrinkly skin. taste, and season if necessary, with more salt, or some freshly ground black pepper. serve as a starter or as a side vegetable dish to meat (lamb, i figure, would be nice). i like them plain, as a snack. the next time i’d do them with some extra feta cubes on the side, some pita bread and olives.
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