arugula pea pesto pasta

doesn’t this look quite pretty? well. i certainly think it does. the green color is stunning, and pops even more next to the clashing, deep red of the radish. the arugula certainly results in a nice green colored pesto – but otherwise… well, let’s just say arugula is not meant to be a pesto. whatsoever. and the handful of green peas didn’t help much. it was a very bitter experience (literally). not much taste, other than the very strong bitterness. this recipe clearly didn’t pass my BIMH taste buds’ check.

so, i won’t write down the recipe (don’t be afraid) – but add this post to my category ‘pretty disasters’, instead. which is so far proudly represented by this recipe here. and in the future, i’ll just stick to basil pesto i guess. viva italia!

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