happiness may & meatless mondays

happy may (i’m sorry, i totally forgot that yesterday…)! i promised you a piece of news – and here it is now. 
well, dear readers, i couldn’t be happier than to announce that my dear friend, the fabulous leti – whose blog becoming lola i’ve been admiring forever – offered me to be her guest blogger! eeep! her introductory post and also her (new) ‘about us‘ section are beyond sweet and so very flattering (and only slightly exaggerated, laugh). 
when she asked me what i considered to be the essence of my cooking philosophy, i didn’t have to reflect for long: it’s definitely vegetables and seasonal produce that inspire me. so, from now on, every monday, i will be contributing to the column ‘meatless monday’ (seriously, brilliant that girl, huh?).
i am so honored, excited and thankful for this amazing opportunity. it encourages me not only to keep going, but to give my best. after all, i wouldn’t wanna disappoint lola’s petted readers (laugh). it will be so much fun to be part of this. and, i’ll admit, also a little unsettling. so would you, pretty please, give us your backing? one la ola wave for lola, please! coughing. and also: thank you.
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