rhubarb tart

in switzerland, we have something like a completely different pie variety altogether. it’s called ‘wähe’. as far as i know, there is no official translation, let alone it being common outside our small countrey’s borders… but ‘wähe’ definitely is a type of pie that every swiss child grows up with. it’s often a typical friday dish, as many bakeries across the country bake them especially on this day.
it comes in savoury and sweet varieties, and the concept is simple: a puff pastry is used as the dough, a fruit, vegetable and / or cheese composition is selected and then everything is put together and baked. no lids or covers, as it’s the habit in, i believe, some english-speaking countries. and no upside-down-turning, as the french love it with their tarte tatin. this makes wähe a fast and simple dish that can be consumed on various occasions: as a whole meal itself or as a dessert, depending on the composition on hand.
mine here is a classic rhubarb wähe. it looks a bit green, that’s maybe because my rhubarb, strangely, didn’t have many red spots (strangely). is this a quality issue…? i don’t know. i just know my bf fancies rhubarb, like, very much so. a good reason to make this as a dessert on a lazy, long, easter weekend.
rhubarb tart
6-8 (about 600 g) rhubarb sticks, washed
1 round puff pastry
3 eggs
3 dl milk
1 cup sugar
1 pack vanilla sugar
1 cup ground almonds (optional)
preheat the oven. wash the rhubarb, trim and slightly tear off the worst ‘threads’. cut into longish, diagonal slices of about 1 cm width. place the puff pastry in the tart pan (note: i left the parchment paper on, as i am too lazy to clean the whole pan… if you want to put it directly in the pan, make sure to grease it thoroughly first), press the borders down slightly. pinch the ground several times with a fork. spread the ground almonds, if you are using any, evenly across the ground. combine all the other ingredients: milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar, and whisk well until smooth. place the rhubarb on the pastry, then gently pour the liquid over it. the rhubarb has to be almost covered. bake for 30 to 40 minutes at 200 degrees (note: i always end up thinking that a few minutes more would probably taste even better… so really dare to let the crust become golden-brown). leave to cool slightly and serve warm – with a little cinammon whipped cream on the side.
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