cookbook review: tender I

nigel slater’s tender must be the vegetable cookbook. his passion for a vegetables oriented cuisine originated from a new year’s resolution: he vowed to himself to start his own garden in his london based back-yard. his goal was to become as self-sufficient as possible – in a world that’s fast-living and consumption oriented – and to grow what he would normally buy. the main message for me: the passion for cooking eventually leads the cook to the origins of the raw ingredients. 
while tender volume I focuses on the vegetables, tender volume II is dedicated to fruit and berries. apart from the informational aspects regarding the produce (like when to plant them, how to grow them and what flavors to combine them with), the recipes around them are so much fun and easy to make. i particularly liked that nigel slater focuses on keeping things as simple and natural as possible. 
if you are not intimidated by it’s weight and like a bit of background information on ingredients, then this is just the cookbook for you. 
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