easter plans

we’ll be spending some very relaxed easter days. here is what i’m planning on cooking. i have been craving these crushed potatoes (that by the way have made an appearance on so many food blogs, i can’t count it anymore…) ever since i first spotted them. i need to make these, asap! maybe with a little herbed butter on the side, or a lavish selection of cheeses? i don’t know yet.

{crushed potatoes via the pioneer woman}

then there’s a fabulous looking quinoa (seriously?) risotto with roasted mushrooms. have you ever considered using quinoa to make a risotto with a twist? it sounds so simple but exquisit! obviously, i’m doomed to love that! and though it’s not really mushroom season, why not roast some for a lovely night in front of the fireplace?

{quinoa risott via the shiksha in the kitchen}

last but not least, i’m always a sucker for creative pasta variations. these lemon & chickpea spaghetti with parsley pesto look right like spring. and pasta plus chickpeas – let me just tell you it’s a perfect match!

{lemon & chickpea spaghetti via the year in food}
how will you spend your easter days? with some festive meals at home? or somewhere exotic, probably? wishing you all already a merry and peaceful retreat! 
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