muschio d oro

i’m a fan of all musky scents. ever since a friend of mine introduced me to this amazing, powdery perfum, i can’t seem to get enough of it. it’s like my drug. at first, it smells slightly of cleaning dergent. but give it a mere ten minutes, and it fully develops its lovely, deep sweet, dusky, powdery musky smell. the fragrance has a strong soapy ambiance. something spicy in it, and a hint of citruses. sheer opulence. light voluptuousness. perfect for a date night.

to me, santa maria novella’s acqua di colonia muschio d’oro (translated: golden musk) smells exactly like freshly starched and ironed linen. the way a bed in a hotel should smell. were i a hotel manager, i’d diffuse this scent into the air so guests and passers by could linger in it’s golden glory.

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