fair haired

i am currently craving a new hair style. well, truth be told: ‘m rather lazy when it comes to hair and beauty. normally, i just look like that: high bun, unisono fair hair. too fair, for my liking. i’ve been wanting to go a bit darker for years now, but somehow it never turned out the way i wanted it to. it either got yellow (the negative side of having fair hair) or orange (dito). my hair is neither really thick, nor really voluminous, nor really shiny. and it’s not really looking good without efforts; like, i can not simply wake up, shake my hair and look like a goddess. no, no. far from it. more like a krümelmonster, more likely. let’s just say i’m not really blessed with amazing hair, like i’m sure some of my readers totally are (and i’m totally not jealous).

but now i just told myself it’s time for something new. i feel like i owe it to myself to put a bit more efffort into my daily hair routine. i feel it’s time to at least try and make the most of my unloved locks. like, at least blow-dry them every morning. maybe even in front of a mirror (and not, like i mostly do, because my bf doesn’t have a mirror in his room) without. that would be a start, right? and maybe, just maybe, to give my hair a bit more of a grown-up twist, and not always hide it in a bun.

let me find some inspiration and then i’ll show you again to hear what you think. but for now: happy weekend, you all! lots of love.

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