deluxe snacking

snacking is one of the best things imaginable for me. and it can only get better when consumed while watching a good movie. i love to plan and prepare special snack sized bites that require no forks and knives and are easy to eat for the occasion of a movie night. 
these are my favorite picks: roasted potatoes made to chips, spiced and herbed almonds, chickpeas (also as humus dip) and flatbread chips. now i just need the movie to go with it (i’m thinking maybe ‘batman II’ as i so liked the first part, ‘batman begins’, that we watched last weekend). as for tonight, i guess it will be just me, myself and i at a hotel in geneva (and because of the sibirian cold i don’t really feel like going out). can’t wait to see what the fancy hotel offers on the room service snacking side!
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