baking basket

my mom gave me the most surprising and ridiculously perfect gift for my birthday: a baking gift basket, full of all the utensils the professional baker and patissier would choose. when my mom and i baked this lovely, chocolatey beauty here together some weeks back, it became obvious that i’m lacking quite a few essential tools in my kitchen… that’s why we ended up baking it at my parents’ place in the end. but from now on, i will be very well equipped. because you can’t really see everything that was inside (and because i’m an obsessive list writer, too) here’s a detailed list:

1 oval / square baking pan, for making brownies
2 round springform pans in two sizes
1 vintage bundt cake pan, for making gugelhopfs or puddings
1 cake shaping round thing, to fill fancy cakes easily, or also to shape your individual round cake pan
1 flour sifter, for sifting flour or confectioners’ sugar
1 flour sieve, with an extra fine grid
1 muscovado sugar pack, with a lovely, intense caramel flavor
1 grated cinnamon flowers
6 silver coffee spoons with angels on top
1 pack red vichy checkered paper napkins
2 heart-shaped grey vichy checkered oven mittens
3 grey and black checkered kitchen towels
2 differently sized patissier shapes
1 professional dough mixing bowl, with rubber at the bottom and measurement help on the inside
1 silicone baking sheep
2 glass jars for keeping flour and sugar
1 silicone spatula
1 long metal spatula, to get the icing perfectly smooth
1 silicone brush
1 piping bag with differently shaped pipes, for icing
1 baking book, that i’m going to introduce to you later

thanks so much mom, there is no better gift.

the question remaining: what should i be baking first? do you have any recommendations for me? i thought about this wintery treat here. what do you think? can’t await the next free weekend without much else to do than try the new utensils.

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