truffled potatoes (à la bruno clément)

there are few things in life i like better than truffles (the mushroom ones, in particular). if you’re a truffle lover like i am, make sure you stop by bruno’s in lorgues, if you’re ever in france. his truffle menues are entirely created around and made with truffle (five complete courses) – it’s an endeavor.

i wanted to make his signature dish – truffled potatoes – ever since i tried them. and last week i finally got around shopping for a truffle at globus, especially with it in mind. it’s probably not exactly how bruno does them – but, anyway, he’s a famous cook, so that’s okay by me… and, if i dare say: it sure tasted very much like his creation… (i’ve always been very humble, me).

truffled potatoes (à la bruno clément)
for two

6 medium sized potatoes (not the ‘floury’, dry kind; the sweet, compact ones are much better – i took charlotte)
20 g butter
1/2 liter of cream
1 (or more, if you can afford it) fresh black truffle
20 g pickled truffle
1 cup parmesan (note: i’m sure bruno hasn’t used it, but i quite like the combination of it with truffle)
truffle oil
fleur de sel de guérande
freshly ground black pepper
utensils: truffle grater

preheat the oven to 150 degrees (celsius). tear apart six aluminum foil squares. wash and peel the potatoes. smear some butter on them, salt lightly with fleur the sel and then wrap with the foil. place in the oven for 45 minutes or more, until the potatoes are tender but still compact.

note: i was afraid that baking the potatoes would make them dry and fall apart, just like real baked potatoes… but with the foil around them, they were rather like steamed, in fact, and thus very sweet and very tender, but still firm. just make sure you really bake them at a low temperature. that way, they will also stay good if you have to leave them in the oven for a little longer, due to a delay.

grate the truffle, and separate the crumbles and tiny pieces that came off from grating to put in the cream reduction. heat the cream with the pickled truffle and the real truffle crumbles. simmer on low heat for ten minutes or so, until the liquid is ‘reduced’. season with fleur de sel and pepper. add the parmesan if you like and heat through again. only at the end, stir in a few drops of the truffle oil, for extra flavor.

take out the potatoes and arrange on a plate. pour the cream reduction over the potatoes, and place the truffle slivers on top. sprinkle with a bit more truffle oil, and a bit more fleur de sel. serve immediately, and love every bite of the divine truffled creaminess.

do you like it? i’m almost sure you will. like, we decided we make it on christmas, it was that good.

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