fluffernutter cupcakes

if you love peanutbutter, and marshmallows, well, you gotta love fluffernutter. the crazy, american sandwich that combines both tastes. it’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s creamy – in other words the perfect stuff for cupcakes. i wanted to make these here forever, and when i finally got a fluff i started right away on them.

i experimented with various ways to shape the cupcakes this time, always trying to get the best result (that’s me and my perfectionism for you). the ones with the home-made, individually cut parchment paper squares (instead of conventional, store-bought) cupcake sheets turned out particularly lovely (though those might be better for muffins, i.e. with no frosting on top to disturb the cute look). i made the frosting swirl without a pipe, frankly, i was just too plain lazy to bother (here you say: well, well, so your perfectionism probably doesn’t come that long away, after all, hein? and tut-tut. yeah, you’re right…). anyway, so  i probably had other things on mind that night, like running around my new living room table, totally extatic and over the moon about it). but i think i will try it the patissier way the next time, in order to make these beauties more polished. but for now, i’m just indulging in fluffernutter sandwiches for breakfast, until this precious jar of fluff is up. yup, all good things (have to) come to an end – so best to enjoy it while it lasts.

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