coconut pannacotta with fig syrup

i seriously thought about not sharing this one with you. after some reconsideration, though, i felt the urge to tell this story nonetheless… it just so happens as a cook that you create things that turn out inedible or simply not your taste. probably, the more you experiment as a cook the more things turn out to be – pardon my french – chunk.

like this coconut pannacotta. promising, yes – but simply not enjoyable, if not to say inedible, i’m afraid. and it might not even be the recipe’s fault – it’s probably (to some extent, at least, okay – entirely) my own fault that this dessert turned out unenjoyable. because i simply can not stick to any recipes… sighs.

okay, so a short recap… fault number one: i used agaragar (vegetarian version for gelatine) instead of proper gelatine. fault number two: i might have added too much of it (the agaragar, i mean), too, in fear of it not getting firm. in a way i put too much effort in it (as always in my life, typical), and along the way i ruined it.

not that the idea of a coconut pannacotta as such is a bad one! i certainly love coconut. it’s just that: the vegan version of it made it rather not creamy enough to be a pannacotta (or maybe it wouldn’t have been creamy after all…) – and a pannacotta has to be creamy almost by definition (i say). instead it was bloody firm (yes! strike! on the agaragar side, at least…), and more like the consistency of glue. or a really glibbery jelly. er, yah: yuck.

so it became evident that as my personal cooking ‘diasters’ go, a rubric had to be installed on the blog, too. for me to share and handle, and for you to participate in my failures. and there you go. here it is, up on my archive site, for your mere entertainment or maybe to learn, too: ‘cooking disasters made by scarlett’. enjoy (if not the food).

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