ricotta gnocchi

i quite like the idea of home-made pasta, though it sure is rather intimidating a concept, too. apart from these malfatti i have never tried to make it, so far. but, gnocchi appear to be some sort of a beginner’s variety, though. this here is a plate of (too big, too chunky, but perfectly tasty) ricotta gnocchi. made from scratch, it takes about an hour, no more. recipe over here.

comments: i didn’t have a gnocchi board (but i want one, please?), but it worked well with a fork. actually, scratch that. it was fun doing it, but it was quite a difficult job to shape them nicely. i’d probably make them smaller and less chunky the next time anyway (as the gnocchi tend to get slightly bigger with cooking, too). and a practical advice: i prepared (i.e. cooked) them in advance, and only heated them in a frying pan with olive oil shortly before serving. this makes the gnocchi a bit more firm and crispy from the outside, which was quite good. good, italian pasta, from scratch, at home? not scary at all anymore.

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