ode to summer

it’s really too late to talk about that kind of summery dish, you may think. and it’s not even cooked by me. but still, there are no rules to this blog as it’s my blog – so i like to post it nevertheless.

because this summery antipasti salad was amazing. it is everything summer symbolizes. so, when winter will bring me down (and it will, eventually) i will try to remember this theme: the beach, the nice marine style chic resto called mario plage in st. maxime, the blue and white, the sunshine, the warmth on my skin.

the simple, grilled aubergines and zucchini (from an actual fire, and not even marinated) together with a few green leaves (they call it ‘mesclun’ in france, i was shocked i’ve never heard of the term before), parmesan and the famous artichokes – simple, yet delicious. good bye, lovely summer, see you again next year.

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