wok green beans & tofu

wok dishes are usually quite fun to stir together. though i’m not really good at stir-frying (somehow i never get the timing just right, and one vegetable will still be hard while the other will be completely mashed and over-cooked), this green beans and tofu wok improvised dish turned out rather nice. it’s quick, healthy, salty – a lovely dinner for one.

wok green beans & tofu

500 g green beans, washed and prepared
1 pack deep fried tofu, cut into long, thin strips
1 handful cashew nuts
2 garlic cloves, minced
4 tbsp. ginger, ground or minced
1 small piece chile, minced
3 tbsp. sesame oil
1/2 cup soya sauce
3 tbsp. rice vinegar
2 tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 tsp. cilantro seeds, ground
1/2 cup thai basil, chopped

pour the sesame oil in the wok and heat it up thoroughly (a drop of water should be sizzling heavily by in it by now). start with the spices: sweat the garlic, ginger and chiles briefly. add the solids; i.e. the cashews, beans and tofu, and fry for a while. then add the brown sugar and let caramelize for half a minute or until browned, and deglaze with the liquids (soy sauce and rice vinegar). add cilantro seeds and half of the thai basil, and simmer for 5 minutes. sprinkle with the remaining thais basil.

remember: the beans should still be firm to the bite (i mainly note that for myself…). you can add a bit of toasted black sesame, and serve it on a big plate as a side dish to tuna, or simply with rice.

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