introducing: food index

hey guys. i know a lot of you like to get inspired for their own cooking adventures. and since i’ve always prepared all this food stuff for you in the past, i figured it will be easy to install a food index for you (note: ah, it wasn’t that easy after all, in the end… but it’s up and running now, finally).

so, check out the new food index, please? just click the food index icon on the side and start to browse. if you find a dish without the exact recipe and directions or a link to a recipe, that’s because it was early days of my blog adventure, and i hadn’t imagined anyone would ever read it all… so it would have been, sort of, a wasted effort. but: in case you want to know more detailed instructions, please just leave me a note and i promise to help you from there, okay?

okay, i’ll leave you to it: happy food index browsing now. and lots of love – from my kitchen to yours. xo

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