baked figs with goat cheese

autumn is approaching rapidly, yet again. and i love the coziness it promises. complete with lovely colored leaves, hot chocolates in a warm sweater, chestnuts, pumpkins and… figs. figs must be one of my favorite ingredient for special occasions, like this lamb and fig recipe here.

figs are best when baked, like i made them here together with goat cheese. nonetheless, this starter recipe doesn’t have to be à la minute – you can prepare and bake the figs ahead and serve at room temperature all right.
baked figs with goat cheese (and salad)
serves three
6 figs, washed and cut cross-wise
3 tbsp. acacia honey
salt, black pepper
cut the figs cross-wise on the top. put in a heat proof pan. pour the honey over the figs. add a pinch of salt and pepper on each fig. place in the hot oven for around 15 minutes. serve with goat cheese and salad. no bread (if you’re on a diet, which i only about now decided i must rather be… sigh). amazing how i always succeed in mentioning the most interesting parts in the last sentence… uhm yeah.
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