cinnamon pull-apart bread

recently, on a random sunday brunch, with close friends: cinnamon pull-apart bread.

you know, i usually don’t like to go out for brunch somewhere to a fancy restaurant. it’s normally the brunch at home preparations that i really love about an extensive breakfast. 
admittedly, i got in a bit of a hurry when producing this cinnamon pull-apart bread that morning. the timing simply was too tight for a yeast dough… well, but in the end, it somehow turned out nicely, and the bread was just out of the oven when we were ready and waiting for it. and you know, this bread is actually pretty social, too. you can pull it apart, from every side, all together (you see, there, that’s we’ve already started to pull it apart… sorry, i wasn’t fast enough with the pictures, i guess). 
you find the recipe as well as detailed instructions over at joy’s. one more side comment: if you have never before tried dried yeast (which i haven’t): don’t panic! it’s actually super easy to use. though it seemed to me the dough took a bit longer to rise. anyway, just go with joy’s instructions and nothing will go wrong.
that sunday, so i came to a spontaneous resolution: this is the bread of my life. as in: i will have to do this bread over and over again. 
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