watermelon feta salad

sometimes, when i’m tired of plain green salad, i start to incorporate fruit into my salad dishes. i’ve experienced some fruity salad versions that are simply, uhm, okay? a combination of watermelon, cucumber and feta, casually tossed together, is a welcome change, simple, yet refreshing. and complemented with a tuna steak, the ideal carb free (not that i care…) summer lunch.

watermelon feta salad
serves two
1 big slice of watermelon
1/2 cucumber
1 feta cheese
handful of cilantro leaves
raspberry vinegar
olive oil
black pepper
slice the watermelon and cut into equal cubes. peel and deseed the cucumber, and cut into not to tiny squares. cut feta into cubes, too. add in bowl and toss together with the simple salad dressing. garnish with cilantro leaves. 
to accompany, quickly fry the tuna in a spoonful of sizzling hot sesame oil, approximately 1 minute per side. season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with a few drops of fresh lime juice. 
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