multi-culti wraps with beans & hummus

there are a few meals that inevitably remind me of my childhood. like, my brother and me used to be crazy for all sorts of ‘get messy’ food. meaning meals that are prepared individually at the table. and i can’t help it: even today, i still love a good messy meal (ahem…).

i guess it’s not really authentic the way we prepared it here, as sort of a texmex-arab-greek version with beans, hummus and quacamole. but it sure was uber-delicious.

since there is no rule to these messy wraps, you could get inspired by these recipes and directions here and take it from there. we had kidney beans in a spicy tomato sauce dish, try these: chili beans (minus the zucchino – plus ground cilantro seeds). a very lovely guacamole (with – surprise – cilantro), a raw veggies ‘salad’ (made from cucumbers, red and yellow peppers and flat parsley), hummus and a refreshing yogurt sauce. try and rely on your taste buds; there really is no limit to your imagination. heat a few pitas or fajita wraps – and then: get dirty and wrap away! love and a happy weekend! scarlett

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