roasted aubergines with saffron

i just spent a wonderful night with lovely people. amazing, how much energy it can give you to be around a bunch of really good people, inspiring, honest, authentic people with a big heart. i feel all positive right now, and like i love anyone and everyone. sort of in a tree-hugger mode. okay, maybe i should stop right here or you’ll think i’m a lunatic… which i’m totally not (most of the time).

anyway… (note to self: must get around not babbling so much before i get to the point. sighs…)
those roasted aubergines (eggplants) with saffron yogurt are fantastic (and you can trust me on that one, since i’m only partially lunatic). it’s the most fantastic vegetarian dish i’ve had in a while. yotam ottolenghi seriously is a god. thank you my dear friend ‘noodles’ (who, by the way, just celebrated her birthday today and it was so, so wonderful to see you! you are so amazing) for introducing me to him. i forgot to sprinkle the pomegranate seeds on top for the picture. although i totally told everyone i did put them on it, because ottolenghi said so, and because it would have been great with pomegranate, and i love pomegranate, and i even had it at home! duh! no, anyway. so i forgot to put it on it. might have something to do with a hungry guy waiting next to the dish… not that you heard it from me, though. *but i added a bit more garlic (maybe, i’d never admit) and fresh mint, as well. so, you can’t complain, right?

here’s the recipe for you. so you can eat this miracle for yourself. would love to hear back from you if you liked it. good night and love (from my big heart).

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