bistecca al limone con pasta

bistecca al limone. next to wiener schnitzel, and probably vitello tonnato, too, i strongly have the impression that this is in fact every guy’s favorite dish. like, a male staple (chuckle). exquisite, impressive, yes. difficult? no.

bistecca al limone
serves four

4 veal cutlets (ard. 200 g each)
pinch of flour
2 tbsp. frying butter

600 g tagliatelle
1 cup greens, like fresh or frozen peas

2 dl white wine
2 dl chicken stock
1 lemon, juice and zest
3dl cream
some lemon-thyme sprigs, chopped
salt, pepper

permiggiano for serving

for the sauce: give the white wine, chicken stock and lemon juice in a saucepan and cook to reduce. add the cream and heat again. season with salt and pepper and add the lemon-thyme.

heat water for the tagliatelle, salt (well), and cook the pasta al dente. meanwhile heat a bit of frying butter in a frying pan, quickly cover the bistecca (veal cutlets) in some flour and fry for one minute from each side. season with salt and pepper.

shortly before serving, add the lemon zest to the sauce. to give the lemon sauce some color, add a handful of greens, such as fresh or frozen peas (the frozen peas have to be cooked in a bit of salted water – i.e. the pasta water – for 2 minutes, before).

stirr together pasta, peas and a part of the sauce. place bistecca and pasta on the plate and add a the rest of the sauce over the bistecca. serve with a fresh lemon slice and a thyme sprig, and some parmiggiano reggiano on the side.

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