rosemary olive oil cakes

if you are looking for a cake for someone who doesn’t like cake, i.e. sweets, in general, then these rosemary olive oil cakes will be just about perfect (i.e. they are not too sweet and chocolatey, but you can still put a candle into them, if needed, for a birthday, or similar). i first spotted this recipe on wednesday chef, and then discovered it on 101 cookbooks, as well. so, i marveled, this had to be a sign; seeing the (almost exact same) cake on two of my favorite food blogs, it was simply meant to be made.

last week, on a normal evening, i quickly whipped it up (really, it’s almost indecent how quickly it is done, considering you can still call it a ‘cake’, and ‘cake’ normally involves quite a lot of work, or at least, that’s what it implies, if you are a decent baker…).

i sticked to the wednesday chef‘s recipe – but felt like adding a bit (maybe a bit too much, even, since i feel there can never be too much) of dried whole lavender bulbs.

note: my fondness for lavender has been documented. but, ever since i needed lavender bulbs for a cake some time back, and didn’t find any anywhere (scream! it was a bit of a shock, really), i stocked up on them whenever i happened to find them since (i.e. in a swiss alps procude store, on a random spices market in augsburg, at hédiard in paris, in provence…). the result being that my pantry now holds about 4 or 5 different packets of lavender. which, of course, i’m entirely using, everyday now, no, honestly…

so yes, it’s basically a rosemary lavender olive oil cake. this somehow feels right, yes. thank you, and good bye.

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