red coco beans salad

it’s no secret one of my favorite activities is to go groceries shopping on farmers’ markets. they hold so many treasures – fresh, organic, regional produce. i find that quite inspiring. i especially tend to get a bit carried away when it comes to rare or old species, that i have never heard of, or oddly colored veggies.

like the spotted eggplant you see below or those whimsical red coco beans, that we discovered in france. the beans looked so yummy, i was sure they’d turn into a simple but lovely summer salad. 
red coco bean salad
serves 4 as a side dish
1 kg red or other coco beans, peeled
1 handful of flat parsley, thinly chopped
1 lemon, juice
3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp. of vinegar (i used a special mango infused vinegar)
1 tsp. acacia honey
a pinch of harissa
coarse sea salt to taste
before cooking the beans, you will have to soak them, covered in water, for about one hour. then cook them for about ten minutes or until cooked but still firm. drain and chill under running, cold water for a few moments. put in a bowl.
from the other ingredients, mix a (slightly salty, since you didn’t salt the cooking water, before) vinaigrette. pour it over the beans. either serve and devour immediately or, if you are the patient kind, put aside, cover with foil and set aside (not in the fridge) for an hour or so. you will find the salad is much more fragrant after the little break.

(note: yes, obviously, and admittedly, the color of the beans was prettier pre-cooking (they lost a bit of their purple speckles) – but they tasted lovely gardeny, nevertheless. trust me on that one..)

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